Z10R & Nurburgring & Gyrocam = awesomeness!

Tim Röthig take on the Nurburgring with a Kawasaki ZX-10R and a set of Battlax Racing R10 Bridgestone tyres. Along for the ride is a gyrocam, so we can really see what it means to ride a superbike around the ‘Ring. The video claims an “almost standard” ZX-10R, and a lap time of 7′50″

Nice video! Gyrocam really makes the video.

Wicked find Pan.

that is PROPER!!

nice find pan, a post of yours i actually like!:smiley:

pfffff :stuck_out_tongue:

Brilliant video

Nice one!!!

didnt think a bike could go that fast! holy $hit thats quick out the corners :w00t:

thats what happens when you can ride jaime…you will one day:D:hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

no thanks. my toes were curling just watching that dude fly :w00t:


one day i will get a goodrun round the Nurburgring, need the right bike for it tho, and i need to catually get there. lol

And d’you see you the bars dont barely move when he’s counter steering. great devices those gyro cams.