What a terrible weather we’ve got today!!!

I usually don’t mind when is dAmp OR wet OR cold OR windy…

But today we’ve go all the above at once!!!

Yes Jay and Foxy, we know you’re off to Spain

Yes Cezar, we know you’re in Spain…

So your having a cold,wet,windy “dump” today then Rott? lol

Not in this meaning you haggis basher!

But what you didn’t know is that I was in Spain, too!

I knew it, don’t worry

But now you’re back and you have to suffer with the rest of us!

I don’t mind weather like this just use higher gears with lower revs.

What I do mind is the fact that once a single snow flake falls every cage driver imiginable losses the ability to drive.

it’s blowing a gale down Bishopsgate!

Can’t really moan though, I’m off to Tenerife in February and can’t wait.

Stop moaning Art u wuss. I thought the weather’s meant to be worse in Polish Land? Get on yer bike and ride!!!