Yukio Kagayama's Paintwork

I’m seriously digging Yukio’s tail-section of his WSB GSXR. It’s a combination of the Japanese and Union flags. I’d love one for my K5! Looks the part I think… I wonder if it would get the Barro seal of approval?



Isn’t the symbol on the back of his lid a mixture of the two as well?

Probably, he’s really adopted us Brits.

I think Yuki is a true brit , and thats looks so good

Now thats cool…

He could make it even better though…

Drop the rising sun bit and add more St George !!!

Serious though…that is lovely Artwork…Id love an Airbrush Artist to go mad with mine !!!

That looks really really nice must be a major pain in the ass to get redone after an off!

But my bike wants an arse like that now