Your Opinions

Hey all

Ive just designed a website for a friend and just seeing if you’d like to cast your opinions :D:D



Good start, but do a spell check! :wink:

:wink: well spotted

lol - no problem.
Now go have a look at the indentations in your body copy :wink:

I’ve no idea about websites, I work in prostitution :smiley:

That place is for sale??? :w00t: WANT!:w00t:

Using the text option in Opera:

The URLs aren’t overly descriptive, for no apparent reason.
The images are enlarged to fit and pixellated like crazy because of it
The thumbnails in the photo gallery aren’t clickable
The inquiries page is lacking anything at all to do with enquiries and contains what looks like the bottom of the photo gallery
The Links page has three oddly-named links (you’ve included the ‘’ but not the ‘http://www.’) and then a whole bunch of text
The Walkthrough needs to be either split into more paragraphs or have longer lines
Is the location on Google maps and the surrounding tidal information something that visitors are going to want immediate access to? If so, you should have them on your site, rather than sending them somewhere else as soon as they arrive. If not, I’d put them under ‘links’.

LOL!! Ditto! :smiley:

Its well cool…I love it.

Nice site as well. You’ve done a cracking job m8.

As some will know, I am a military architecture junky, and Jackie has always said she would like a home with no neighbours.

Any idea of the asking price?

Having a Fort ain’t as easy as you might hope sadly.

For starters - you need either a helicopter or a boat to go with it :smiley:

We’ve got a really interesting case going at work with a Fort that started off with a valuation of £14 million but eventually sold at £900k :pinch:

Ouch to say the least

I could live there . . . :cool:

Well thats a deffo for no neighbours… you might have to trade your bike in for a Jet-Ski also! :wink:

The guy that owns the fort is a friend of mine and has said that he’s looking to sell it for 170k :w00t:

£170K and you get away from the world? hmm.

But the idiot pricing rule in the building industry comes out at £800K finished. Oh, plus the jet ski’s and a car parking space somewhere on proper land.


I like the address…no 1 the thames