Your Having A Bad Day When......

You have had NO sleep…and have to work on Saturday…and get to miss WSB.

So to console yourself you buy a nice mocha from Starbucks…light up a ciggie…then watch the Freelander parked right outside the shop reverse into your scooter ****!

So I’m in a bad mood today people…be warned set foot in the store today and it will hurt

Thats rough Fella…

I hope you kitted the driver out with a neck warmer…“extra tight” the Tossper !!

Bloody 4x4 drivers, hope there wasn`t much damage to your scoot mate.

I hope you handed said Chelsea Farmer to the CND for an environmental kicking

Sorry to hear that BabyJ - hope the scoot is ok.

Will be down soon to sort out my gear - but NOT today.

bye the way… your avitar !!

Even been to to carolina,s ?..north south ?..old skool charleston ?