You Thought Using A Mobile Phone Was Bad...

I saw someone driving along and tapping away at their Macbook which was on the passenger seat of their car this morning as I went along Lower Thames St!

We both stopped at the lights - it caught my eye so I looked at him and just shook my head, he looked back at me as if to say ‘yeah, and what?’ Must be worse than a mobile :crazy:

What a [email protected]£r:crazy:


I can never forget pulling up next to a guy on a scooter who was texting on his mobile. Lights turn green, I pull away and this chap comes past… still texting on his mobile! Unbelievable what some users of the road will do…

I really resent that. It’s like people think they are so good at driving that they can text at the same time. They won’t feel so clever when they end up in prison. It’s not necessarily malicious but the thoughtless and igonerance is just disgusting.

If I was a magistrate i’d take him off the road for that.