You on flickr?

If so what’s your name?

That’s flickrist! What about those of us who Photobucket?

no flickr here … i photobucket

You photo your bucket?

fraid so

Is it free and if so can I have a look

sure i flickr…

my bucket is quite empty at mo

Not replying to that too easy

I`m on Photobucket too.

I’m on Flickr as Amethi.

We have a group on there, which we could use a lot more to share pictures and group event snaps. Join it and contribute!

The best place on the net to share all your photos about

My pics are in the bucket


paa photobucket is naff… much prefer flickr ! :wink:


added you as a contact :slight_smile:


OK I’m on flickr now ianxv1600


fab - will add you too :slight_smile:


Don’t have Flickr as yet but will sort that out soon.

Is it just me or am I the only nosy one that loves looking through other people’s pics ?

Jay, Matt and V … top pics you have there … wish my photography was half as good !

ahhh I just take snaps the real photographer in the journeytorussia thing is Stace - he’s amazing… but yeah I know what you mean - I love looking through other peoples photos - that’s why I love flickr :slight_smile: