You know you're distracted when...

…you spray on hairspray instead of deodorant. :rolleyes:

ive used shaving foam instead of hairfoam once!

Shaving foam is worse :slight_smile:

Hanna that is funny…i was going to say dont spray deo in your hair:w00t: but seems you have lovely blonde hair the white deo streaks would’nt show but i bet you’d smell fresh lol:D

Either that or very well groomed hair else where :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is now the time to break the news that I’m not naturally blonde? :stuck_out_tongue:

:pinch:ive put king of shaves on my toothbrush when half asleep…


Hahaha collars and cuffs:w00t:

lol! yeah make sure you don’t spray femfresh on your barnet :laugh:

Aeroplane blonde is the opposite i believe?

Something you’ve done Lou? :wink:



Never heard that before.

lmao at this thread…i reguarly put the kettle in the fridge:w00t: thats not distraction tho its being stoned:w00t::smiley:

My boss very recently came into the office with one black brouge and one while running shoe.

I kid you not :laugh:

I’ve put the milk in the cupboard before :w00t:

Good thing you don’t smoke, you might have found your tampon behind your ear oneday!


Alright then… who’s gonna admit(men) that they’ve tried peeing in the wardrobe whilst pissed or sleepwalking?:w00t: