You gotta roll with it

I love the way that I look like I still think I’m sitting on a bike in the last pic! I think it still hadn’t sunk in that I’d crashed!

omg those pics are well cool

hope the bike wasn’t to damaged

I love the flying indicator :D:D:D:D:D

Unlucky there but great pictures…Pic 3 would make Jackie Chan proud :slight_smile:

I always wondered what leathers were for :wink:

Hope everything’s ok.

ouch…wasnt getting the bungs down again!!!:w00t::w00t:

hope your ok fella, hws the bike? mashed>? or repairable?

Tom, you need to work on your body position!

Saying that, the Russian judge gave you a straight 6, so you’re not doing too badly. :wink:

Great pics!

I’ll give you a 9 out of 10!

hope u and the bike will be ok!

Great pics Tom! Don’t worry it happens to us all at some time.

indeed tom nice pics!!

remember more than half the field crashed in practice for this weekends Moto GP…

come and see me if you need a hand fixing the bike up dude :slight_smile:

Quality pics

Hope you ‘n’ the bike havent sustained to much damage.

Oh dear Tom, great pics always good to keep and reflect on :smiley: Hope the bike isn’t too badly damaged or yourself.

dammn man! hope u and the bike are kool…

i know for a fact that hasnt put u off track days huh? lol hurry up and get sorted so u can take more mental pictures!:smiley:

wow dude, really stuck the landing huh?

glad you got to walk it off :wink:

awsome pics m8 glad u got bk on l8r in the day. even if your confidence took a knock you still impressed in the last session;) (from wat i saw:P)

thats a crash? thought he was trying to put the bike upside down to do a bit of “maintenance”… like we used to do with our 10-speed bikes :w00t:

Thanks for the messages guysI’m fine. Little finger is healing up nicely! Was a little saw on Friday and Saturday but nothing major at all; just felt like I’d slept in an awkward position.

The bike is gonna need a bit of attention to have it looking decent again. I can’t justify spending enough money to make take it back to it’s former glory, but at least then I’ll not be so worried about dropping it. Maybe I’ll feel better about practicing what I learnt at the fireblade school on it now too! :smiley:

I was considering taking it back to stock and selling it with it in mind to buy a cheap track bike. Unfortunately the frame has some gravel rash so it’s not gonna be possible to sell it for decent enough money. The track is definitely where I see myself wanting to be in the future, and is where I want to progress as a rider. I’m now thinking I could turn it into a trackbike once I’m working (although don’t know how much track-time I’ll be getting as a junior doctor!).

The bad news right now is that I’m probably not gonna be doing any more trackdays this year. Unless daddy’s rich us students don’t have the money to be binning bikes on the track. (I was counting on not binning it so now I’m stuffed!).

Adz: thanks for offering your help mate; I appreciate it. I’ve not had the time to strip her yet but assuming she’s alright I’ll bring her down to Borough on Wed. It would be good to chat about it then.

And thanks for making me feel better about crashing. It’s definitely a matter of when, not if, no matter what level you’re riding at. Two wheels are less forgiving than four!

Frogga: You’re too kind mate. Thanks for making me feel there’s hope for me to be a trackday hero yet! Wait till I have that garage full of track bikes you were taling about! :cool:

GSXRAng: I’ll be reflecting on those before every trackday in future. If they make sure I turn up prepared it would’ve been worth hurting my little finger for! :wink:

ShinKuza: Defintely not put me off trackdays. Losing time on track probably upset me more on the day than the fact I’d given my bike a Brands makeover!I’ll be back (isn’t that Arnie’s line?!!!)