York Road cycle lane police

Police pulling bikes and scooters for cycle lane on York Road approaching BFI roundabout

That’s a bitch of a road now they have narrowed it for the building work and one of the lanes I sometimes stray into…

Thanks for the heads up!

I’m good don’t go that way. but thanks for the heads up. If they are there, they are likely to be in other places as well

Stopped and spoke to one in pedestrian mode and clarified the situation with the lanes for myself. Even she admitted it’s a bit bonkers. Solid line as usual, not allowed at all. Dashed line you may cross over but otherwise not enter and certainly not ride in. But blue superhighways that have times on them are fair game outside those hours, whether they have solid lines or not. WTF?
York Road is shite Nivag aye, depending where you’re going you could go down Belvedere instead, or loop round Lower Marsh?

They’re back again this morning

I must have got through just in time, no sign of them at 7:45.

I’m generally pretty good about avoiding bike lanes but I have to confess to cutting through this one occasionally - only after checking there are no bikes using it. The traffic is always solid and the cycle lane relatively lightly used (I realise that is no defence)

Might be time to start diverting round by The Cut instead.