Yoke mod help

Hi,I am new to this forum and not really sure where to post this, but I thought you Street Fighter guys would know the answer.

I want to put some GSXR forks on my Kawasaki and for them to fit, I need to increase the diamater of the ZX6 636 bottom yoke fork clamps from 52 to 54mm.

First question: is it safe to take 1mm from the clamp material? It is about 7mm thick in the middle and 5mm at the top and bottom on the outside of the yoke.

Second question: can anyone recommend a good local machinist who could do this for me. I think they would have to remove and replace the stem to get the job done. I live in Sunbury, SW London, so nearby would be good.



I think 1mm should be ok, and yep they’ll need to press out the stem. Not too sure on local machinists but Mike from full metal ornament will be better able to help.

wot else ya putting on? forks, wheel etc

Would be easier to get the yokes for the gsxr forks too and then maybe just a case of swapping ya stems over.

That sounds like a better idea, if you were to machine the yoke the distance between fork century would probably be different.

so, the bike is a Kawasaki Z750, but I have put a ZX6 03 front end on it - wheel, calipers forks and bottom yoke. The top yoke is from a Kawasaki Z1000. I just bought these 04/5 GSX 600 forks off Ebay as I thought they would fit, but only the bottom yoke doesn’t fit. I don’t really want to start buying a whole lot of new bits if I can just mod the bottom yokes slightly.

Who can do this kind of work around London?

Theres a fella in west byfleet that can do engineering work, he is currently machining a new stem for me.

By the way I live in Feltham if you need any help give us a shout

Thanks for the advice, guys.

I think it might be best not to make the fork clamps any thinner and the cost of a custom yoke from Mike is a little expensive for me right now.

I just won a zx10r yoke off ebay, which I know will fit the gsxr forks and I hope has the same offset as my z1000 top yoke. I will still need a spacer for where the stem goes through the top yoke, though, so, Oncas, if you could post the contact details of your machinist that would be good.


It turns out the zx10r stem is too short. It is the same diameter as the 636 stem, though. Could I get someone to swap them? Is it possible/ safe?

If as you say the diameter at the base is the same, its just a matter of pressing the old one out and the new one in. But thats providing its done properly, the yoke can crack.

Oh and it should be safe (ish) providing you don’t bang your wheelies in to the ground.