Yet Another Newbie

Hi guys, FOO here from the ninja site…

Thought I’d pop in a say hi…

I said ‘Don’t invite Foo’

love ya really

What would the world be like without FOO?

Good to see ya.

Foo!!! Foo Who???

who? FOO? Me! ! !

hi Foxy, nice to meet you.
ello again to the rest of ya!! Miserable gits lol

Hey Foo, welcome aboard

Welcome Foo. Yet another Ninja joins the throng.

Welcome Foo, were you on the Chelsea to Brighton run the other week?

Welcome Foo ! Hey, looks like the ninjas are dominating LB… Kawasaki rules!!

hiya foo

Hey Foo…fancy seeing you here… hee hee

When’s the next MMT???

Bike’s working now so …I’m rearing to go…

Hi to everyone…still an extreme newbie myself …don’t get on here much…can’t wait to get to know some peeps from here and hopefully join you for a rideout soon

Hey! Welcome Don’t be a stranger, we’re here to help.

Hi there Bikerchick… lookin forward to meeting you… See you soon… :slight_smile:

Thanx for the welcome Jay…Look forward to meeting ya at some point and make a start at putting faces to names…will do my best not to be a stranger

Hey Foxy…how ya doin?..looking forward to meeting you too…

If you guys are at Ace on Friday I’ll look out for ya…come say “hi” if ya see me on my RVF in Rossi Nastro colours…

75% sure I’m gonna make…just i’ll have worked a 12hour shift (7am-7pm)…and will be in work again at 7am next morning and it’s not as much fun at the mo when the weather is as muggy as it’s been…fingers crossed…I’ll see ya there

Howdy Bikerchick… Jay and I will be out on Fri… Keep your eyes peeled for a Red Blade…

Hey Foxy…

Ooooops …I think I missed you guys last night…

I was at Ace from around 8.30pm…then went to Chelsea Bridge…Nevermind …next time eh ?..

By the way…will be at Ace tomorrow ( Sunday ) around 8ish after i finnish work…if anyone fancies coming to say Hi…Look out for RVF400 in Nastro Rossi colours…and me in black Dainese leathers and little specs

Hope to see some of you soon…and Foxy…will keep my eyes peeled next time lol

We saw your bike, parked up beside the Z750, but we didn’t see any owner! Next time…

Shame we only crossed paths on Friday Bikerchick… DOH!!! Jay and I were at the Ace on Sunday too… Stayed there till 10ish and then went to Soho for Coffee… Next time chicky…

The Z was mine,i know what you look like too now Jay after meeting you at Brands on Saturday with Chuffster and i didn’t see ya,oh well there’s always next time.

Hi Welcome :slight_smile: