Yes mon, I join up at last

Me name Leeroy. Me have R1 bike, me live in 'Nam an me good breddrin Acemon bin tellin me bout dis forum for looong time.

Da Acemon says you is all friendly and me wanna come meet up wiv you at Boro some Wednesday.

P.S. I is black and got a heavy accent. Dat cool wiv you lot?


Howdy Bollokchops!

I haven’t heard that expression for a few years :slight_smile:

Hi neighbour, welcome to the madhouse! :cool:

I guess the heavy accent is jamaican, isn’t it?
If yes, me love it :smiley:

Def come down to Borough Market next wed… also, this Monday at the Ace there’s the LB newbie night (and perhaps a ride out before). Don’t miss it :wink:


Hi MK :smiley:

HAAAAAAAAAA!!! i havent heard from you in ages man!!! good to hear from you again :laugh: :laugh:

ps. he aint motoking, dont worry :smiley:

Alba? Dat you gyarl? Bombaclart, me know it’s you. Wassup gyarl? Me hope all is cool an ting wit ya.

Welcome aboard, there are several of us from TLB on this site so you should come across some familiar faces.

You do also get the odd rasclart every now and again but if you ignore them they go away eventually.

you know its me :laugh:

been too long fella, welcome back :smiley:

Welcome to LB bollocks :slight_smile:

Dat just so cool. You is like one of da few people me met wiv from TLB. I was well bad, missing out on so much fun cos I got wasted and would not just lose a few hours but a few days.

I gonna come to Ace cafe on Monday. Is you going?

Ha ha ha, me not Texan cowbwoy, but howdy backatchya. Me fink your name is Gavin, right?

Aight scorch. You mean breddrin, innit? Me fink dat you ain’t hanging around da brothers from back at yard, or if you do, den dem been indoctronated / endoctrinated / indoctranted , den dem has lost their roots. Dem probably now say stuff like ‘I say old chap’ and ‘oh jolly good show’ innit.

Wassup slug. Nah mon, common mistake, me not Jamaican, me Bajan, if ya nar wot dat is.

Char eezybwoy. I an I not rememba ya. But most of da time when I was on TLB, I was wasted. I mean wasted LARGE innit!

Weh bouts Smallie?

Yeah Reeloy, welcome in - at last, ha ha :stuck_out_tongue: . What kept you this time? Actually don’t answer that, the fuzz are on here.

Hope you can make better appearances on here than you did on TLB.