Yes! I know it's boring..

Yup, it’s that time of the year again. The renewal notice has given me another years NCB but still gone almost 20%. So that’s a NO.

Getting decent quotes on line but when you ring to check details, none of the companies seem to accept covering accessories (well, perhaps £100 quids worth) except those wanting double the quoted premium. Some companies won’t cover the bike at all because I have non standard (Renthal) handlebars and non standard (HEL) brake lines.

Courtesy bike in the event of an accident. Possible, but I have to take out (unnecessary/unwanted) legal protection. Not a big problem at £25 for the year.

Having got all of this sh** sorted out for the two cars without problems and thrown in for pennies, why are bikes such a big issue?

It’s just a fairly boring commute bike and I have got a decently long pedigree with just one theft claim.

Any suggestions where to try?

I got a very good deal with Wkd Quotes - through one of the Gocompare / Compare the Market and MoneySupermarket websites - tried them all - can’t remember which.

i just did mine with mce got good deal:)

I found ebike great

I’ve had some good quotes from mce through

Use a false mobile number on the form if you don’t want people calling you trying to sell you insurance and kitchens.

Thanks folks, I’ll try those suggestions.

Good tip Joby.

I do seem to have become very popular since sorting out the car insurance. One or two agents don’t even understand “I’ve taken out insurance with xxxxxx, thanks”. Still burble on trying to sell me house/contents/yacht/aardvark/whatever insurance.

Have fun