Yep, another one :)

Hey all,

I am Dennis and live in Battersea.
I am used to ride a 125 scooter for the past 3 years in london but hold the A1 license since 14 years and had some 3 odd years scooter experience when I first did the license, ever driven a car since and finally fullfilled my dream 3 month ago, what I should have done years and years ago which is my full bike license.

I am new to the London (Uk) biker world and I am also a newbie in terms of bike knowledge but I am very keen on learning as much as I can in what i’ve missed out on all the years:)

Because of insurance reasons I started of with my first bike beeing a Honda CBF 500, which I actually really love and think is a great first bike.

I am looking forward to hopefully join some of the meetings, but because I am a Chef and work in Catering my schedule is unpredictable.

Thats me

And thats my baby

Welcome Dennis! You are only thw 2nd person I know with the name Dennis; after my grandfather.

Hope you get on some ride-outs soon.

Hi and welcome!


That’s a big bottle of wine!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Den & welcome…

Hi and welcome

Welcome from another newbie.


Welcome to LB!
Is that a really big bottle of wine or are you really really small? :smiley:

WELCOME :smiley: