Yellow streetfighter Borough High St

Sir, take a bow. You are an insperation to us all. Your unique riding style and daring amazed myself and countless other this morning on Borough High Street.

Please make yourself known so that I can shake your hand whilst you are still alive because I dont think you will be for long.

What daring do and exquisite skill did you witness this morning? I’m on tenderhooks waiting to find out…

oh the normal “I must be at the front of the lights and will get there by any means”. Undertaking a bus on London Bridge at about 70mph and then screeching to a halt at the lights, changing lane without bothering to look if anyone was in the lane “because he could”. I admire people who can “make progress” through traffic but this guy was way out of control.

Sounds like the same dude that was playing the moron on the A2 this morning. Oh wait, there are countless people that do that down the A2 every morning…

Including a monkey on a big Beemer tourer thing. If you can see someone only has a right mirror, why sit in the blind spot on their left hand side? And whilst I’m at it, nudging people’s topboxes because you have a bike that’s too big for you to handle is NOT cricket.

Eejits everywhere today…

Phew, escaped. Twas not me.

No way Chuffster, your riding is superb by comparison.

And the Blandit’s not lellow

Lol Ketz, I saw that BMW tourer as well… R1100 GS methinks… or something like this:

Was on Southwark Bridge this morning… Both he and some dude on a silver/black ninja (it wasn’t Vegas) overtook me AND a van blocking view of oncoming traffic in a rush to reach a red light… Wasn’t smart gentlemen.

Funny how people who KNOW they’re in the wrong can’t look you in the tinted visor… Hope they got where they were going safely, and without causing an accident…

I’ve got a yellow streetfighter but it wasn’t me.

Mine hasn’t got any wheels as they are being powder coated… phew!