Yamaha YBR 125 Engine Cuts Out

Hello, new biker here.

I’ve been using my bike every day with no issues at all for almost 2 months. The other day the engine cut out in 1st gear, whilst slowing towards a stop at traffic lights. This continued and started happening more often. After continuous cut-outs in 1st, I got up into 3rd gear going uphill and it cut out, orange fuel light flashing.

Every time it cuts out I’m able to put it straight into neutral (I get a green light as normal), start the engine and get going. The bike always starts first time via electrics.

I have had the battery replaced as it apparently had engine starting issues before I purchased it. I’m also told that it needs a new clutch, the exhaust is blowing and there is a leak in the front forks - but all are unrelated right?

The engine did start to sound a little different after I filled it up a few weeks ago, but maybe that’s to do with the exhaust? I have no idea, already way out of my depth here, I know nothing about bikes.

I took it to a trustworthy mechanics in Ealing (Bill Bunn) and they’ve said they can’t see anything causing it.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!!


Just like to add I’ve picked it up today and taken it 5 mins home with no issues, but I’m worried it will happen again.

Exhaust has been popping a lot more lately, guessing it’s unrelated.

Fuelling out? Popping is generally due to a rich fuel mixture.

After two months you might need to put fuel in it. Those YBR’s are pretty incredible on fuel economy but it won’t run for ever without refuelling! :slight_smile:

could the hole in the pipes be causing less back pressure so cutting out that way? just a theory.


It’s so much cheaper than the tube, so glad I got it.

@Jaime I would like to agree but don’t know what fuelling out means!

I am informed it may have been water in the carb and that since it hasn’t happened again, it probably cleared by now. Fingers crossed.

Fill it up. Rag the daylights out of it. If its serious it will go bang.

If not (99times out of 100) it wont happen again.

Used a pressure washer on it?

Get that bike to a mechanic.

Forks leaking oil onto your brakes will make them stop working and will buy you a 1 way ticket into the back of something ouchy.
The clutch (slipping or dragging) will piss you off and make your bike hard to ride. What’s the point of riding if you don’t enjoy it?
The blowing exhaust will make your bike run like **** due to lost back pressure. Yes, it may sound cool (if its a hole, rather than a bad seal) but its still just a 125. It’s not cool, it’s just funny to everyone else.

I own and ride a YBR 125 daily so please don’t see this as me picking on you for riding a 125.
LB usually recommends the OMC for this sort of work.