Yamaha XJ6S stock screen replacement

Hi Guys,

Recently bought a second hand XJ6 diversion. I’m new to riding so quite inexperienced. The stock screen on the XJ6-S doesn’t provide a great amount of protection at speed. I’m quite tall so find myself getting quite battered around unless I get really low down.

Do you guys have any suggests or comments with regards to replacing the stock screen with something that offers a bit more protection. Also will I need to inform my insurance company if I replace the stock screen?


I’ve got a Double Bubble screen on my FZ6 similar to this one http://amzn.to/1oIdERT , it helped me, though I’d like to possibly trim the standard one to make the air hit the chest more. The only downside is if you’re giving a as tall person a pillion it creates a weird turbulence between the two helmets at higher speeds :wink: fine if the pillion is shorter though.

It’s a real try and error when you look into it on the forums.

ok cool. I didn’t get the insurance to carry a pillion so shouldn’t find that a problem - within the next 12 months anyway :slight_smile:

Might order down the screen you’ve suggested and go from there. Cheers :slight_smile: Did you tell the insurance company that you had changed the screen?

You should just to be on the safe side, I even declared anodised aluminium dust caps.:ermm:

Loads of threads about it on http://yamahaxj6.proboards.com/ I looked at it myself before deciding I’m short enough to just tuck down a bit at speed.

I think the consensus is that the double bubble screen is less effective than a touring or flip up type screen for taller riders. Also seem to remember some talk of the S and F (half or full faired) versions having slightly different screens - worth checking before you buy.

Yea it does seem as though they have different fittings. Ill need to make sure they specifically list compatibility with the S.

I’ve seen a few online with the full touring screen. I’m not sure if I’m a fan or not.

I guess I could always buy the smaller double-bubble screen for now and switch over to the touring screen for any longer motorway journeys.