Yamaha XJ6

Hi guys,

Does anyone have/had xj6? I want to buy one soon. That would be my first big bike so l need advice. I need it for commuting and short trips outside of London. I’m riding 125 scooter and its to slow for me.
Is it comfortable for rider and passenger. (I’m 182cm tall and 75kg )
Is it reliable ?
Good commuter or bad one?


I use XJ6’s at both schools where I run DAS courses.

Loads of other training schools use them too…

I’m about the same height as you, but a little heavier… and I can quite happily sit on one all day long.

They are reliable, we’ve had no problems with any of ours and I’d say it would be good as a commuter…

I’ve had three students go and buy an XJ6 after their DAS because they enjoyed riding the school ones so much…

Have you ask anyone for a test-ride??

I have the half faired XJ6 diversion, bought as my first big bike (after 5 years or so on a scooter) 2 years ago.

I use it for commuting & the occasional longer trip around the country (i’m from preston originally so it’s taken me there and back a few times) and it seems ideal for that - it’s not going to set the world on fire performance wise but it’s been comfortable & reliable (no issues at all) so far. Sounds like you’re a similar size and build to me.

Can’t really comment on pillion comfort as I don’t ride with a pllion much but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be as comfortable as the front.

There is an XJ6 forum out there on the internet too, I don’t have the address to hand but I’m sure google will know.

I had an XJ6 as my first big bike and I would recommend one.


Held up well commuting through winter (lots of PF52 spray)

Never had a single problem with it in 18 months.

Really smooth, smoothest bike I’ve ridden. Very easy at commuting speeds and filtering/walking speeds. No need to use the clutch at slow speeds. Easy to put your feet down.

Brakes, ride etc all good. I got a nitron shock for mine after a while, which stopped some of the dive from the comfy suspension (you are less fat than me, I weigh 95KG).

Never been on the back of one but I didn’t get any complaints (its got a smooth engine, I may have mentioned that)

Its a very decent commuter/first bike and will feel a big step up from a scooter - ride, brakes, stability, acceleration.

You should be able to get some bargains too

Less good stuff

It’s a bit manic, high revving. I actually quite liked that though.

It’s not got loads of torque, which makes it easy to ride, but you need to be a little busy with the gears out of town.

Its very quiet. In traffic, even the pedestrians won’t hear you.

I wanted to upgrade faster than I initially thought I would.

Its quite heavy for its c70hp.

In all, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend an XJ6. I would only say that if secretly you are hankering after something a bit bolder, save yourself the depreciation, and go for that instead. I wish I had :blush:

I did my DAS on an XJ6, i got to grips with it very quickly, I rode it all day and was very comfortable, the only reason I didnt get one was because its only got 70bhp, its enough power but I wanted something with a bigger kick.

I have owned my XJ6N from new (2010) and have covered nearly 20,000 trouble free miles.

I have been riding bikes since 1975 and owned many large capacity machines over the years.

So the plus points:

Ultra reliable
Very smooth with minimal vibration *
very comfy - Rode to Oban (Scotland) on a Saturday, did 200 miles on the Sunday, rode home on the Monday (over 1000 miles)
Cheap to tax and insure
Reasonable on fuel
Quite cheap to buy secondhand

Negative points:

About 170 mile tank range
Lacks top end punch

  • Vibration patch between 5-6k revs (between 60 and 70mph)
    Low resale value if you buy from new

I have added a tail tidy, centre stand and small fly screen. I own a couple of other bikes but its always nice when I take the XJ6 for a blast.


Thank you guys
Test ride soon, Can’t wait :w00t: