Yamaha xj6 or honda hornet ?

I need a bit of help,
I ride little honda ps125 cc right now but l want to get something bigger than that. I was thinking 600 cc is the next step. I live in london and i use my bike for commuting and short trips( everyday stuff).question is witch one is best? Honda hornet or yamaha xj6?
Im looking at 2010 models to buy.

Can’t go wrong with a Hornet - I had one for a while and it was a great all rounder , reliable, good on the lanes, round town and up the motorway - really built up my confidence on a big bike. Go for it !!!

Both great bikes if I’m honest. Just try them out, only you know whats best for you.

Having had a XJ6,the only reason I bought it cause it was so much cheaper than the hornet.The xj6 gets boring really quickly so I would say go for the hornet although xj6’s are struggling to sell second hand you could get a really good bargain.

They are difference classes of bike. To compare you would need either:

Honda CBF600n and Yamaha XJ6


Honda Hornet or Yamaha FZS600

If you are commuting every day I would go for the CBF600n, but it depends on how far and what roads you are commuting on? If you are mainly in town then go for a naked bike. If you are coming from outside London I’d look for something with a fairing.

check the fazer and z750 as well…

Hornet :slight_smile:

Yamaha’s equivalent of the Honda Hornet is the FZ6 S2, not theXJ6 or FZS 600, those two bikes have around 70bhp.

The FZ6 S2 has a Yamaha R6 engine (detuned) with 98bhp, the Honda Hornet has 100bhp. The FZ6 S2 has better mid range than the Honda Hornet according to every review I have read, but the Honda Hornet is more responsive when pulling away and overall a slightly better bike.

When looking for a bike I instantly dismissed sports bikes due to their riding position and setup as 80% of my riding is done in London, but I wanted something fun which I wouldn’t get bored of so my choices were narrowed down to the Street Triple, Honda Hornet and the FZ6 S2.

When I bought my FZ6 S2 my heart was actually set on the Honda Hornet but I came across such a good deal on the FZ6S2 that I would have been stupid to turn it down.

You can’t go wrong with either, just get whatever deal is best, spend any money saved on good gear or extras.

Have you ridden an FZS600? puts out a fair bit more than 70bhp…

You are right conrad, I thought he was referring to the FZ600R which is fairly new instead of the FZS600 which is fairly old as jak seems to want something fairly new.

The old FZS600 did output a fair amount of power, you are correct.

No worries matey… The FZS600 is a bit bulky for a naked commuter anyways…

Thank you guys.

Get a Tard :w00t: for round town and another bike for longer/2up trips. Your budget will go that far!:cool: