Yamaha Tricity 300

New from Yamaha, designed to get drivers off the trains and cars and onto bikes. Discuss.

I’ve never liked vehicles with three wheels, cars or bikes

Tricity or Tri City? I was expecting an electric scooter!

“Its not a motorcycle because the front wheel track is greater than 460 mm”

Does that mean you wouldn’t be able to filter, you wouldn’t be able to use the bike bays and you would have to pay the Congestion Charge. That would kind of defeat the idea of nipping through London traffic or any other city traffic on it.

Can it be ridden without a crash helmet?

You may find it harder to filter than on most bikes due to the width, but other than that, there’s nothing to stop you.
Dunno about bike bays, I suspect possibly not.
If it’s less than a metre wide & 2 metres long, you don’t need to pay congestion charge.
As it’s technically not a motorbike, you don’t need to wear a helmet.

Surely if its a trike you can’t legally filter or use a motorcycle bay! Aren’t all motorcycle bays now restricted to ‘solo motorcycles only’?

Where does that less than a meter wide/2 meters long come from? It doesn’t appear in TfL’s list of CC exemptions

That’s was one the design considerations of the Piaggio MP3 and LT models. People see bike or car alternative and are simply not interested. People like their cars, and they see bikes as dangerous and exposed to the weather.

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I wasn’t aware there were any specific rules allowing or forbidding filtering? As far as I’m aware the only laws governing it are the laws of physics.

First line under Motor tricycles in your link:

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Highway Code Rules 88 and 160 allow cycles and motorcycles to filter.

Well spotted, motor tricycles hidden away in plain view amongst the discounts.

No need to put down the centre stand, nor side stand; unless there is a parking brake which comes on with the alarm/immobiliser, I predict lots of these are going roll away by themselves.