Yamaha R1 up to '03 Racefit Growler Moto GP

Check it out:


Somebody stop me spending…

Proper GP-like that is, I like it Go on, spend the kids lunch-money, lol…

lunch-money - that went on football tickets 3 matches in 6 days this week…

That looks the dogs dangly bits !!!

do next weeks lunch money

My mates got a ZX10 with slash cut, might have seen it at the Ace its loud!!

Saw and heard that on friday it sounds amazing and yes very loud. Was that a racefit one?

Stan you are a BAD MAN.

Does your mother know ?

Oi, thats my name. stan mate, thats the way to go if you want to be different.

Have your debit card standing by…

Damn, what a GREAT looking system that is. :drool

Be sure to post up the pictures when (notice I didn’t say “if”) you have yours sorted out. LOL