Yamaha R1 4XV 5JJ

Anyone know the differences between 2 models?

And Also How Would you find out which model you have?

is there a model code somehwere on bike?

Thanks In Advance Dan

Not sure about the R1 but alot of models have it within the frame number…

4XV & so on.

not on the frame number i already checked that…

4XV is first generation R1= 1998/1999.

5JJ is second generation R1=2000/2001

5PW is third generation R1=2002/2003

5vy is fourth generation R1=2004/2006

4C8 is fifth generation R1= 2007/2008

14B is sixth generation R1=2009/2011

not sure on the differences for all generations though

4XV is a 98/99 model, 5JJ is 2000/2001 & i know there were over 200 modifications to the 2000 model from the original ones…

The model code is hidden within the VIN number, 4XV will begin RN011 & 5JJ will begin RN041.

There’s a full list of Yamaha codes Here

Mine is 2000 but looking at Codes is 4xv

thanks for that

and will be saving that link for future reference :slight_smile: