sold sold sold sold sold to nick green- thanks

Bump any 1???

Hello Suzuki man, U’ve written your selling a full system, but can only see the cans, where are the down pipes?

I seriously want to buy the full system.


If it’s the full system and not just the cans then I’ll buy it.


its a full system, why i ive not took all the pictures is because im lazy lol, and its a damn thing to get back in the box. especially me. if you guys in doubt wy dont u come and view them?

If you paid £1100 for a brand new 09R1 full system then it must have been a sales error, if that is the case then your a lucky man but also under selling it by a huge amount. What is the part number on the box?

I’ve got a mate that would be interested if it’s the full thing too (springs on the downpipes = genuine akra system or at least not standard)

Let me know if still available.

I’m really suspicious about this guy because:1. He joined on 24-Aug and quickly racks up his 30 posts in 2 days with mostly 1 or 2 word replies to others.

  1. After that he then advertises a helmet and this full system, both virtually new and both at almost unbelievably low prices. He advertised this system on the same day he joined.

  2. No photos provided of this ‘full system’.

  3. He has just sent me his adress so that I can go and have a look and he got his postcode wrong.

  4. The address he gave is here!!!

:angry: Have to say I’ve had my suspicions confirmed. I nearly went for the helmet, only to find (confirmed by Arai UK, might I add), the helmet is a US (not UK) model and wouldn’t have been supplied to HG as the add suggests - they have the Corsair, we have the GP - different rear vents and sticker placements for a start. He claimed he was in Portsmouth but then in Doncaster when I wanted to view it. Now Caithness. Blimey he does some miles.;)suzukiman - apologies if you are legit but some of us just know when something is too good to be true.

If I was the type of person who was trying to get payment for something without the buyer ever seeing the non-existing goods, then I would claim my address to be just about as far away as possible to deter potential viewings :wink:


why the **** you think its suspicious when im giving u my address, and letting you come and view and buy and **** off. did i ask for any money from u?

Remember if you want to clever 1st get ure facts right and then try.why dont u come down to caithness and buy the system off me.

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ASH never judge a book by its cover.if you dont know what that means just ASK ME, u’ve took my address and advertsing to the public, i wish i know who you are, i swear i’m big 18 stoner and knows how to use the fist!.if it was me now i would be hiding in your wifes closet.

AND i forgot to tell u, i’ve got a guy coming in the morning to buy, so ““RACE TO DAKAR””

Errr, right…

You’re not the most lucid of people are you? I’m still suspicious whether you are genuine or not, especially after Banny75’s post.

As far as giving your address to the public goes, exactly how have I done that? Can you explain? Also, you need to clarify whether you live in Portsmouth, Doncaster or Wick? So far you’ve claimed to live in all three places.

!!!somebody please delete this thread!!!

as the akros have now been sold!!! to my friend nick green who came all the way from west midlands . top bloke. oh i forgot did u hear that ash? somebody travelled and snatched while you were still thinking wether is legitmate or not!

i bet u’ve learnt a big lesson

‘‘Never judge a book by its cover’’

Anyway thanks nick for your purchase