Yamaha Parts

I’ve managed to crack the rear fairing on my Fazer 600. Doh!

Anyone know a cheap Yamaha parts supplier in the London area, or even a decent mail order shop???


If its only cracked why not get it plastic welded?

Cheers guys.

Tried ebay, but couldn’t find the bit i wanted.

Never heard of plastic welding!?!

I popped into George Whites today, thinking I was gonna get ripped off for a small piece of plastic. Bargain, they found the part of the fairing I wanted and it’s only gonna cost me about £20 and is only held on with a couple of bolts! Result!!!

sounds good to me! i also had abit of a bargain day! bought a set of alpinestars leather trouser for £120 reduced from £169.00!!

i once had plastic welding on my varadero panel, it looked really good!