Yamaha is recalling every single 2015 YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M

Reminded me of the two recalls within the first couple months my MT-09 had after I bought it. Dealer was only doing as much as the law required, nothing more, nothing less. I was far from impressed by the attitude of couple Yamaha dealers around me plus one in South (never mind the fact that they introduced an issue that even Yamaha UK refused to fix). Needless to say I won’t be buying another Yamaha any time soon, if ever. Suzuki on the other hand - not a single issue so far (knock on wood) plus nothing but praise for John’s of Romford.

A few of you should fined this tech tutorial video interesting.


Easy job for a Saturday morning…

thread ressurrection! timelapse of the recall work being done. 

I’m not sure I would trust my local Yamaha dealer to do this work :confused:

I imagine after about his 5th one he could do it in his sleep!

However you know it will never run the same again

i heard threw the grapevine that they was doing the recall as the gearbox failed on a brand new r1m in states and guy wasent short of a few quid so was threatening to sue there arse 

so they done the recall and after it transpired he actually liked the back wheel quite a fair bit and had been abusing the bike and that was the cause of failure but had already started the recall so just carried on with it 

actually,  our friend Tony with the R1M also had a gearbox failure and replacement after about 1k miles, and he’s not a big fan of the back wheel action.  so its an actual failure.

And one more that I know of.

Nope afraid not…:joy:

But then you’d have the reliability issues of an Aprilia!