Yamaha 660 Singles

Has any one any experience of Yamaha 660 singles?

What they like for maintenance (service intervals etc), fuel economy, comfort and reliability?

6000 mile services, awesome torque and good fun. What you thinking?

Looking for a second bike, currently bikeless for potentially three weeks or more. :frowning:

Looking at either a XT660 of some description or a Z1000SX.

Z1000 and tell us what they are like! They look the bollox :slight_smile:

XT660 … I bought one new … Gutless , wheezy ,underpower ,overweight . If your coming from anything more powerful than a 125 scooter … it’s going to be **** .

get a MT-03!

XT660 engine in a road frame and wheels

Yamaha 660 singles … a BMW funduro is faster , do you really want to be slower than that ?

Just get a KTM… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’ve already got a KTM 990SMT. :wink:

Really the… something to do with constantly needing weeks of repairs? lol

MT-03 i loved that when i borrowed one when working at George Whites.

Well so far, rear sub frame fractured, and now the rear shock has failed. :frowning: Thankfully both under warranty. So potentially without a bike for minimum of 2 to 3 weeks. So looking at a second bike. Either something like a XT660R or Z, or the Z1000SX. Look at the CBF1000F but quite basic compared to the kwaka, and the nearest thing Honda have is the new VFR800, and that is way over priced. Might have a look/test ride of the new F800GT.

Get an R1 :wink:

XT660’s are solid.

Not the fastest, not the best looking, not the most fun.

But a great all-round machine.

I think Sam is looking to get a DRZ? Why not pick up one of those for some SM fun? Considering it myself actually.

sprint gt

I know you do… so shame on you for looking at Yams for a single :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I hadn’t thought of the Sprint GT, but my god it’s a lardy thing! And although the specs are good, it simply doesn’t beat the Z1000SX for specs/value for money.

The only KTM I would look at would be the 690 Duke, but it’s not really what I’d be after. Looking at something that would be ultra reliable, and something I can take down gravel unpaved roads without worry to much.

Apart from the reliable part, isnt that requirement your current bike and therefore you need something different? :unsure:

You want a Honda with a carb. As a man with a 625 and a 990 myself I can say that there’s probably a little too much overlap between their abilities - if I were you I’d consider 450cc max to really enjoy both ends of the motorbiking experience, and I’d include 125cc in that range too.

(the exact same age and model that I rode to Mongolia. It won’t go over 60, but neither will anyone on gravel, it will sip fuel, and it won’t go wrong because there is very little to go wrong.)

vfr 750.

I took mine down some greenlanes last week in france and it coped as well as my mate’s tiger 800

Why not buy my CBF1000? Save me insuring / garaging and servicing a bike I only use twice a year. :smiley: