Yamaha 600 ZZR

Ok me brother inlaw has decided its time to hang up hes boots.
So up fpr sale is a nice unmolested 600 ZZR, Now in the last 10 years he only rides in sunny warm weather and we all know the weather aint been warm much over the last 10 years.
Slit damage to fairing just under wingmirrow.
Has it on gumtree for £1600 But coz he likes me and i am a LBer £1400 or vno
Mileage a tad under 2 K 1823, Well looked after, Pics dont do it justice.

is that correct?
or …

Like I said he only took it twice to the IOM TT races, and has all old MOTs to prove mileage, Its just been mot and will be taxed. He looks after hes bikes.

He is 65 and ready to retire, so not been thrashed


Small repair to front fairing? has It been down the road?

Good bikes was first big bike had

good luck with sale :slight_smile:

He bashed fairing while moving it, had it repaired then broke it again putting it back on.

I would have taken it. But sorry the fairing really lets the bike down. Its not something I would want. I no it would annoy me to much as the rest of the bike looks mint.

The split in faring is about 2inch long and has been repaired just need touch up paint which will be supplied. The bike comes with 12 months T&T at £1400 this is a steal.

To top it off this guy can tell you some tales form racking back in the 60s and 70s he used to teach Barry Shean how to ride (and fall off…lol )

More pics would be a sure fire way of selling it… it could even sway me to seriously consider it.

thats a KAWASAKI …not yamaha…just saying

just bought an older one of them for £440 that’ll do me

Soz my bad your right it’s a Kawasaki