yamaha 2009 r1

arriving in uk 23rd feb, yamaha open night 27th feb ready for march 1st :smiley: i dont know whether or not you"ll be lucky enough to get a ride that week though :wink:

my avatar is my new ride, pic was taken in the back of the dealers shop,:smiley: being delivered sat 28th to my house, ready for sunday, just hope it"s nice like the weekend just gone, :smiley:


You bugger… enjoy it mate… hope the weather is good for you :slight_smile:

Very Nice. Hope the weather stays good for you,

Nice one John.

I’m hoping to win one :smiley:

Nice bike. Not unlike Afro, I too am hoping to win one on the 27th. :wink:

so are many of my friends, only one per dealer first batch out, sounds awesome in the flesh:D revs like a stroker:w00t:

i"v got mine, delivered this morning :smiley:

Well done! Still extremely Jealous though! :slight_smile:

some lucky guy in essex won that R1 for the launch. I was waiting in a different dealers and went home…