XR600R clutch basket (removal and wear)

Hello Gang

I’d appreciate some help pleasey.

  1. I’m having difficulty removing the large centre nut in the clutch basket. The handle on the tool to hold the centre is bending. The handle has now been braced, but still no joy. This not does have a reversed thread on it does it?

I’ll get another body to help me as it may be a 2 man job?

  1. The reason for dismantling the clutch is since the bike not being used for 5 months, after a short short time the drive will not disengage when the clutch lever is pulled. There is significant wear on both parts of the basket from the clutch plates, this wear can be seen around 1 to 2 o’clock in this image. Could this be the reason the drive wont disengage?

Thank you in advance,


Which way do the threads spiral?

If the threads spiral clockwise its a normal right hand thread, clockwise tightens and anticlockwise loosens or, righty tighty and lefty loosey if you’re of that school.

If the threads spiral anticlockwise its a left hand thread, anticlockwise tightens and clockwise loosens.

Your picture is not too clear but it does look as if the threads on the shaft may spiral inward anticlockwise, if that’s the case its a left hand thread and if the basket also rotates anticlockwise that’ll be the reason for it.

Have a look at the following video which uses a different ‘hold tool’ looks like a normal thread and undoes ever so easily;

The major difference to your picture is;

  1. The nut in the video is the type with bending locktab at the top.
  2. There is a serious washer under the nut in the video.

Unless yours is a different spec then I can only assume this job has been done before and possibly not correctly by using a non-locking nut without a washer and just tightening the hell out of it - it may have dug into the metal of the clutch basket.

What I would do is, get an assistant, get the extension bar out, say a prayer and go for brute force on the ratchet… :w00t:
If that didn’t work and everything was still in one piece, I might try some heat or to split the nut with a dremel and cutting disc BUT it does look like a strong nut in a very awkward position… :pinch:

So best advice seems to be to see what others can suggest :smiley:

Impact wrench might help, if you have one.

Phuck-my-old-boots! I’m using a 2 and a half foot extension bar and cant undo it! :blush:

I managed to undo mine just by putting it in top gear
and getting someone to stand on the back brake lever.

I wouldn’t recomment doing that if it’s on tight though
as you could damage gears / drive chain / sprockets.

Right, it turned out to be a 2 man job, thank you Moonshine! :kiss:

I thought I had both the inner and outer of the clutch basket knocking about, but I just have a worn inner. Can I file the ridges outa these components to enable the drive to disengage when the lever is pulled (see images above)?

any of this worth you bidding on fella?


don’t think so but that might interest Stretch

on my ntv i had to stick it in 5th get my dad to sit on the bike with foot on the rear break i then put a ratched on it with a 6ft scafolding bar that was the only way to undo it

A funnel, a funnel. My Kingdom for a funnel!

I got the clutch basket out. Filed out the grooves. Put it all back together only to find I have no funnel to put oil back in it to test the bodge…I mean repair!

I have one you can borrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cut down a plastic pop bottle, fits well on Kawasakis & Suzukis. :slight_smile:


I’m still using this as a funnel…

Yes looked for a water bottle but the only ones were too big. Bought another funnel now so tonight I’ll know if after about 6 months I’m back on the one truly great bike I’ve ever had! B-)

Yay, just been for a quick spin around the block a couple times, seems fine. I thought I could tax it online without the paperwork but I cant :alien: Look out London!:cool:

Great news! Long live the Riot :slight_smile: :cool: