XBOX360 Live?

So who plays online?

My username is:

cd angel

Add me, I mainly play COD4 and PGR4

When Street Fighter 4 comes out, I will destroy you :smiley:

might have to shoot you in COD4 :smiley:

havent had much time to play on 360, too busy, but will get some practice in soon

My username is:


Add me for some COD4 gamage!!!


well get this boys…

I yet to confirm this as only read the mail at work this morning, but I got a message saying my renewal was successful for the xbox online.

2 problems

1 I did not apply for it
2 I do not have the card I signed up with any more.

so if all is correct in the mail I have just go a years worth of membership for nothing…

Happy days! :stuck_out_tongue:

My username is AceHoleR1:D

WOOHOOO it worked I have just got a years subscription for nothing (well as long as microsoft do not see this posting anyway)

I only got my 360 yesterday noob

My gamertag this is: The Stranger LB

I’ve got nobody on my friends list yet :unsure: so add me so I feel less like a loner. Only got GTA4 and Halo3 at the moment, but Gears of War is in the mail and i’ll be getting COD4 soon hopefully :slight_smile:

I have added you although you will not see me online at the moment as still waiting for my internet line to go live (we moved)…

But boy am I missing COD4 online

If anybody does add me on Xbox live… D’you want to just leave a little message saying who you are, because I’m not sure who anyone is when they add me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Guys

I am on xbox live add me (wiggle me this)

just signed up for my 1 month free.

Gamertag: LANceiro

Mostly playing Halo 3 or Team Fortress 2

you may see me hanging about on live under “MeNtaL fPs” :slight_smile:

Sinbad ALX


when i remember I’ll add the lot of you and leave a lil message saying that im from LB

if you want to add me the names;


mostly play on PGR4 ( I’m rather quick, if anyone fancys a challenge :slight_smile: )

As winter draws on and the bike lays dormant in the garage i shall be online

ricky stardust

might start playing again, seeing as my xbox is back from being repaired :smiley:

Gears 2 & Fallout 3 on pre-order, should be good

my tag is : dub marine

cod4 is my main game