X Factor

Is anybody else watching it?

That leona is fu*cking amazing - I can’t believe it takes a reality tv talent contest to find talent like that. She really is as good as Mariah Carey

Oh, and that Ben is damn good too.

prefer ben’s style to leona’s but she is damn good

My misses watches all that sort of stuff, i personally can`t stand it and never watch it.

My other half just moans that their butchering all the songs, lol

i Like the MacDonald brothers lol

I hate X Factor with a passion - it should be called Cringe Factor. 'Course the missus is bloody obsessed with it so I usually leave her to it and get on t’internet.

BUT, having said that, Leona is bloody fabulous - head and shoulders above any of the others, a real star in the making. And she’s cute enough to shag too

I love the early rounds of X factor - that guy that worked in chicken factory was a gem lol how they think that they have a good voice I’ll never know.

I honestly don’t understand why they are still in the competition, the rest are in a different league.

That’s serioulsy pervy

I’m having a conversation with myself but nevermind! Glad the McDonald brothers are out this week.

is the boy who sings swing still in???

he will work for years with that voice…very much an old head on young shoulders…brilliant

Yup he’s still there - he will be good for cruise ships or Butlins but he’s got no chance in the charts. It’s only grans etc that like that sort of music.

I agree, I think he has a great career in theatre as well as he’s such a performer.

i’m still waiting for my grandchildren chilled !!

but i think hes got a gift…wheres me zimmer