firstly, this is my first post on here, so Hi!

I just wondered if anyone knew anything about this company or had any experience with them


when looking on mcn came across what i was looking for -and could actually afford it from them - which makes me think its too good to be true.

of course im being lead by the excitement of getting the bike, but im worried cos they are a long way away and ive never heard of them.

has anybody here?

any advice/information greatly appreciated…


Never heard of them but thats probably because their in Oldham, their website isnt very good - got a GSXR for sale on the main page but do a search for all GSXR’s and it says theirs none available if the site doesnt crash before it tells you, probably a minor error though! Their actual showroom’s probably Ok, looks Ok on their website but you wont know unless you go up and have a look but Oldham’s quite a way! What bike are you after?

They cam up on my searches when I was hunting too. Called the guy, sounds like a regular joint. But again I’m in london and didnt get up there. I’d def wanna go up there before I would buy or find a man who has who u can trust!

Mind you i bought mine which looked too good to be true from a little dealer called DWR :slight_smile:


thanks for the responses. its a gsx 750 im after. im going up tommorow, spoke to em on the phone they seem ok, reasonable deal but proof is in the pudding so i’ll report back when im back -hopefully on my new bike, not the train!

just to add that it didnt exactly go well. im trying to sort out a solution to this, so i’ll edit this message when there is a more permanent resolution but suffice to say i have no bike, and am down on a train ticket and deposit. :frowning:

I reckon your best off keeping an eye on ebay & a forum such as Gixerjunkies, no point in travelling the country to look at bikes when their’s probably quite a few not that far from you - theres a K4 750 for sale on there at the moment with 2950 miles for £4k but its in Scotland :stuck_out_tongue:

You could ask Matt at 2nd bite if he’s getting an 750’s in soon, thats who Im going to try and get mine from, I bought my last bike from there and didnt have 1 problem with it over 25k miles www.2ndbite.com

hi all

first thanks for the 2ndbite link, i had a look and im going to look at a bike there tommorow.

so, i said i’d post how it went.

on the morning i was going up, i got a call as i was boarding the train.

i was told the bike had problems with the hpi report which sounded odd to me as why would a dealer pay for a bike it didnt know. anyway i got off the train and they said they’d call me.

i told em i wanted my deposit and my train fare back and in fairness i have now got it.

but i lost a days money and the tube fair of course.

i was suspicious especially when i asked Gary who i was dealing with about this and he said “oh no its not hpi is another database” and then when the lady rang me to sort out the refund she said “good job we caught you, its just a mistake on the price.”

the bike disappeared from the website, but today reappeared


listed £1k more than it was last week.

I accept we all make mistakes, i dont accept being lied to as appears to be the case. of course there could have been an issue they wanted to resolve, but as i asked them to let me know if the bike was going to be available and they havent, well lets say im suspicious in the extreme.

so, in short when i first asked about this dealer i had no info, but now i can say that my experience with them wasnt exactly positive.

hope this is of use for anyone who searches on this, im still looking for a good gsxr but might have found one so fingers crossed…