Has anyone ever ordered parts from http://www.cmsnl.com ? I’m always suspicious of these dutch companies with flash websites as websites are 2 a penny these days so would like to hear from someone who has ever ordered from them. Did the relevant package arrive ok? Cheers Neil

Here are their web site details…

Domain Name: cmsnl.com
Created on…: 2001-01-11
Expires on…: 2019-01-11

Administrative Contact:
Consolidated Motor Spares B.V.
Mike Buttinger
Artemisweg 245
Lelystad, Flevoland 8239DD
Phone: +31.31320265120

Looks like they have a real business there…


CSI - London :slight_smile:

lol…nice one guys :cool:

whois and gmap :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve ordered from there and they are great, even when some of the items were on back order and I found I could get them quicker elsewhere, they refunded that part of the order, so, yes trustworthy :slight_smile:

good link they got stuff for both my bikes always handy to have more suppliers :slight_smile:

I also quite like the fact that you’re ordering using the diagrams from the workshop manual, easy to ensure you get the right parts :slight_smile:

Yes I have used this company to get some parts for some old Honda’s.I was unable to source them in the UK, so gave them a go.Everything arrived no problems at all…nice schematic drawings to help you get the right bits too.

Go for it.

they have none of my bikes listed :frowning:

I have used them a few times and have always been good.
They speak English too which really helps when you don’t speak Dutch

I’ve used them and not had a problem. But, any part I’ve looked up on their site I’ve also been able to get easily from my local Honda dealer for the same price or less, and didn’t have to pay postage. So I wouldn’t order from them again really.