I’m in the office working, I’m allowed to be a sad git online…

What’s everyone else’s excuse…Its Good Friday and its Sunny out…why the hell are you lot online?

Stuck in front of the pc at home catching up on work. Was thinking of a bimble down to High Beech for a cuppa this afternoon but it looks unlikely now as work is going slow because I keep getting distracted by websites. Like this one!

Same as you man, in work…

sucks eh…sun is shinin and the baby’s all tied up in the garage

Tell me about it!! S’pose we’ve not long to go now though…

I`ve been out until now and now going to start the BBQ.

Been out this morning, seen my parents, helped clean my grandparents grave and now indoors looking for my next bike…

The joys of self employment - no work = no money

The good news is I left the in laws at home

Sat in the shop waiting for you lazy ****s to come and buy summit…Grimbusa is excused


I’m employed again, soon as the account tops up I’M YOURS BABY!
In a manly friendly non-sexual, just-mates, macho “Did you see the football last night” sort of way…

Congratulations! What do you have to do to sell your soul?

Worked this morning on LBv3, then for once, washed my bike! Polished it as well. I don’t know what came over me. It must have been the new ‘no fat chicks’ sticker babyJ stuck on it last night (bast).

been working 12 hour nights Thursday Friday and saturday so spent the days in bed whilst you lot have been out enjoying yourselves. Nice riding home this weekend no-one about and could do some serious speed down the Old kent road if i can catch the lights right (like this morning) hehehe

I thought it looked quite tastefull actually…nowt will ever see it as that would have required you having an abillity to lean a bike round corners

I’m a meeja hoor!
Running round Brands Hatch this weekend for my sins…not drinking (well not much)