WTF!? moments

The other evening I was riding home behind a woman who’d left her fog light on. It was about 7pm, so it was properly dark. Needless to say, it was blinding me, so at the lights I pulled up alongside and let her know she’d left it on. Politely, like - not shouting or anything.

She thanked me, then ** turned all her lights off and drove away ** .

I was too stunned to chase her and let her know she should perhaps consider never driving a car ever again.

Does anyone else have any “Jebus - what are you on!?” moments? :slight_smile:

i was cruizing LB for an unsuspecting female peice of ass i could talk smut with and maybee share rude photo’s…when i come

accross a thread about some dozy cow’s foglights…’‘silly bitch’’ i thought to myself and preceeded to play said senario in my mind…

thus…taking me away from earlier thoughts of rudeness…




Sorry, fella!


And there was me thinking i would be getting an invite to the smut talk !!! doh…silly me, trust you to have your mind taken off of smut by reading something OH so much better…:wink: (theres STILL time tho sir smiled of comealot) :w00t:

On the road with Franko on saturday and saw a lady in the outside lane pootling along scoffing her morning cereal!!! Think there has been another post about that on here a while ago…so must be qutie a few nutters out there doing this!!!

Then while filtering (about half a mile up the road) the lady in traffic was so busy putting on her makeup she didnt realise her car was moving forward and almost over my leg!! (until I shouted at her!)

N.B this is not a ‘woman driver’ post, just describing what I saw…

was in a sardine tin… erm :ermm: Piccadilly line once and it was packed!!

So packed that a guy couldnt get on…

he obviously really needed to so took a few steps back and run and jumped in ! :w00t:

I am soooo glad i ride to work :smiley:

I came across a car reversing at about 30mph straight towards me. His pal also driving towards me (the right way round) on the other side of the road. I basically aimed for the middle, and luckily he saw me and stopped.

Was going home from Rockerchic pub on Friday and was just about to join the A13 when some stupid woman, didn’t look in her blind stop and move out on the right, causing me to swerve and F and Blind at this women. Road Runner was there to clam me down afterwards.

WTF was she looking at, becuase it certainly wasn’t me!:w00t::w00t:

Put it on another post, but, few weeks back coming home from work, stopped at the lights, saw a man on a kiddies motorbike, with a satchel or something slung over his shoulder? As if i wasnt amazed at the sight of that, i mean, he could stand and hold the thing between his legs !! The lights changed and he opened the throttle, and the bike lifted back up in the air, he jumped and put two legs on the road either side of the bike, then pushed it back down to the road, sat back down on it and went off !

In work next day, a mate said he saw same bike, which would have been miles up the road from where i saw him…where were the police? :wink:

Ha ha, maybe she was amused at you being “clammed down” ??? hmmmmm? :stuck_out_tongue:

had many…tankslappers…misjudging corners…lemmings appearing from behind buses…BMW Z4’s pulling out n ya…hold on i have a wtf moment almost everyday!!:smiley:

I’ve had several WTF moments. Biggest one on a bike so far was when filtering in the middle of the road in Norbury last May suddenly coming face to face with a lorry coming straight at me at 40 mph, it was about 3 feet away from me when I managed to squeeze the bike between a bus and a car on my left. The lorry had swerved to avoid a van that had just done a U-turn. If the gap hadn’t appeared to my left I would have been mashed to a pulp. At least it would have been quick, and painless.

(edited down as I just realised from here my original post went seriously off-topic!)

Dunno where Dave and I had been, but we were in the car one day on the M4 heading home. Anyway, there was a lane hogger (Gawd I hate lane hoggers with a passion) tootling along at about 65mph in a new vectra or mondeo…canna mind which. Anyway, he was busy reading some documents and talking on the mobile. Where was the Police???