WSBK Superpole today 13th March from Qatar

Just incase anyone has access to a tv today its on Eurosport 2

and you can watch it free & live online @

Their SBK-TV service sucks, it drops out when the action starts. Very frustrating! It’s pretty crappy image quality as well. A shame as it’s a great idea!

I have eurosport and still watch the live feed sometimes as the commentary is great.

I’ve never had a problem with it dropping out on the live stuff or watching the catalogue of last years races, which now seems to have gone :frowning:

Im trying to watch it now, I did have a pic then that split in half then I lost it all and just got sound now ha ha :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching the feed on the WSBK site. It’s the first time I’ve ever got it to work :smiley:

all your bb connections suck!! :w00t:

Hah, I’m sitting on a terrabit connection, I don’t think so Seb :slight_smile:

It worked quite well today, and man, that Spies, unreal! Great to see the Brits rising as well.

spies is a bike racing robot. Awesome!!!

Just finished watching it on net…brilliant…what channel is it on 2moro???

Eurosport 2 I think

Fri 13 March
1200-1300 LIVE Superpole on Eurosport 2
1600-1700 Highlights on Eurosport 2
2115-2215 Highlights on Eurosport 2
Sat 14 March
0830-1330 LIVE races & studio analysis on Eurosport 2
1745-1945 Highlights on Eurosport 2

+1 except they had some serious audio drop out problems for the first two SBK races…Last year was pretty much faultless.

You must have one of those steam driven, hamster powered computers… what are the called… oh… yeah… Macs! :hehe:

That YAM could actually [email protected] on the Duke from a GREAT height… last year the dukes looked invincible. This year they look as wobbly as everyone else compared to that Yamaha… UNBELIEVABLE!

good work from our Tom, but Spies is brilliant

Spies is hungry for Edwards’ or Toseland’s M1 seat in 2010.

I’m still not sure if I like this new style Superpole.

I don’t get the idea of having two qually tyres for three sessions.:doze:

I agree with Whitt, scrap qualifier tyres altogether:cool:

+1 Chunky