WSB weekend

Well, Thursday and Friday at least.

Thurday saw the rider’s bicycle race in which Troy Corser, Yukio K, Steve Martin, Walker, Muggers, JT, Pitt, Craig Jones, Tommy Hill, Kieran Clarke and others had a light hearted race around half the circuit on mountain bikes and tandems.

Needless to say there was much laughter and clowning about, but still the competitive spirit was very evident. Meaning Walker won - no one gets by him unless it’s down to machinery.

Friday was practice day so loads of bike pics, but I’m not posting them as doubtless you’ll have more than you could wish for in galleries very soon - Jay hired some lenses so prob shot millions of pics LoL

So here are a sample of non-typical pics, and some pretty girls hehe





more (that’s Foxy’s bike - trying to get us into trouble girl LoL )





and finally some girls, although the pit girls are only out on Sundays.





Nice shots Andrew… something a bit different. Maybe they should leave Bayliss on a pushbike so that everyone else has a chance!

Here are some more, non-racey shots (I was far too busy getting sunburnt and abusing VIP hospitality today! , although I took some yesterday)


nice one(s) D. So how was your weekend on t’other side of the fence ?

On the spectator side? Took some bike shots on Saturday when it was much quieter, and didn’t even attempt to on Sunday (plus I didn’t want lug all my stuff round) so Sunday was the small lens, seat in the grandstand and enjoy the beer!

How was Friday, someone told me it was cold?!!

Not really it was warm and the sun got out occasionally, Thursday was pretty grim tho - it didn’t rain but it was so dark and chilly.

There are some great places to shoot from around the back of the circuit so I spent most of the time around there. I’ve FTP’d the best pics up to Jay so I dunno what’ll make the grade, but I’ll sort a gallery out for my site anyway and you can see’em there.

It looked dammed hot on Sunday - I had a nice ride out on the freshly cleaned 675 then back for race 2 which was a stonker. Mind, I wished I’d done a little more research and asked Bayliss about that suit on Thursday! Looked fab but all my pics are of his normal gear.

Nice pics guys looking forward to seeing what`s been captured in the main gallery.