WSB Thailand (no spoilers)

Just watching WSB @ Chang, Thailand and I cant work out if the brolly dollys would be chickboys or real women!!

Does it matter? Beauty is beauty

Yes, it matters Massively!! Nothing against Gays, but Willy’s are not for me!!

Geographically you are unlikely to ever meet any of them, so where’s the harm in enjoying a bit of eye candy?

They were Born Men, that’s whats wrong with it!!

Which they had no control over. Nobody would choose to be born into the wrong body- the suicide rate among transsexual people is insane.

I’m not having a go at you, but you are wrong, mate.

Wrong for not wanting to Look at them?? sorry but unlike my Bikes, i like my women to be just like they came out the Factory!!

And in other news…great 2nd race

lol, both races were great. So pleased the Blades have finally become Competitive, I wonder if the BSB Blades will have the same power upgrades available to them. If they do then Dan Linfoot will be one to watch this season

Going back to the original topic - I’ve always wondered why are there so many transgender people in Thailand comparing to other countries. Are many doing it just because it’s considered to be normal as there are so many other people around doing it?

It’s partly related to the fact that Thailand as a Buddhist country has a more accepting society.