***WSB SPOILER*** What a ride!!!

Chris Walker,last place at the first bend at Assen,then goes on to win the race,superb


Agreed, he did a fantastic job, great to see him win for a change.

Lets hope the men at Kawasaki give him a little bit more power, then see him fly.

(oh, and he a Nottm boy, like me)

KWAK aint had a WSB win for 9years,well done chris!


i hope this post is a joke as i havent watched the racing ? if not you’ve just managed to completely spoil it … cheers.

Nice to see him get a result. I bet the crowd when mental.

I couldn’t believe it. Right on the edge of my seat ! Fan-bloody-tastic I reckon and I remember him leading a couple of years ago in very similar circumstances and binning it. Soooo glad and it couldn’t happen to a nicer more deserving fella.

But what happened to JT in race 1?

WSB SPOILER” was the clue ??

Threads marked Spolier do exactly what it says on the tin . . .

lol he read the thread before it’s title was magically edited

hehe indeed I edited it somewhat after the initial post.

Amazing racing all day.

It had everything, including brill performances in the wet and dry from the Kwaks…

If yer gonna do it, might as well do it in style!!