Writing Animal Noises??

Right here’s one for you! :

I was just having a laugh with Foxy on MSN and she started writing animal noises to me, and couldn’t work out what to put for elephants??

I did a Google search and found a suggestion - ‘Elephants trumpet something similar to “honk!”’

I’m sure we can come up with something a little better???

Can we start simple, like Tortoises?

I’m still trying to work it out Gary! The cat is looking at me very confused with the noises… lol

Oh go on then… but I do want a elephant from someone…please!!

Prob thinks you’ve lost it!


I make a similar noise when speaking to god on the big white telephone!


not an animal…but a crackin noise of an old 30’s model Ford T horn…

gotta bee my fav….



Thats an elephant!!!

Silence, the animal has been shot.

Spoil Sport!

Surely that noise should be in response Afro R1s ‘Adult section’ question??/



That aint what Elephants sound like when they “Trumpet” or what ever

But thats definately an Elephants Fart !!!

I’m falling of my chair here guys… Bloody brilliant!!

Londonbikers.com… you just gotta love it!!

Biking at it’s best!

Shop quiet today

It begs the question … what the hell were you chatting about in the first place


It really has got that bad.

I am going to Regents park open air theatre tonight. Maybe I could go and video some animals at the nearby zoo for you all and post them on U tube!

I think I need help sometimes !!