Would yuo help your friend? or not?

Just imagine that you and your best friend are travelling throughout the country side after a rather doggy meal at a not so nice restaurant by the road. You friend had to make an emergecy stop for quick, not saying desperate, number 2.

So, he goes to the nearest bush and put his trousers down exposing his hairy arse. The case was that a lonly Donkey was nearby and falls in love with your friend (whatch the video).

The question here is: Would you go there and help your mate to get rid of the in-love Donkey ,or get that handycam you had in your bag and film it? This guy made his choice… Whatch the video…


It’s such a classic, lol… You’d get the video out wouldn’t you?

Don’t think I would be able to stop laughing…

Thats way funny, I am not a big fan of donkeys so would def take the camera option.


" A donkey always gets its man" I like that strap line.

Handy to remember when drinking on the Quayside in Newcastle as I’ve just found.

I don’t think I would have been able to do anything, except cry with laughter…

Arsehole avista eyah eyah eyahllways had it commin

How did that cameraman manage to keep his hand so steady ?

Lucky he ran out of film just as the donkey was about to get stuck in, that guy was a faller, no way he was going to make it back to safety without playing Mrs Donkey for a while !

If I was that guy I would be back in a flash with a Blunk Knife, some salt and a 22" Strap-on

The strap-on part worries me somewhat!

Camera for sure.

mind you that old donkey looks pleased to see him, or he’s taking up pole volting