Would you buy a bike with no documented service history

Went to see a very tidy looking SV650 this morning, two keys, but only one alarm fob.

All ok so far but seller had zero documented service history, bike is a 2003 with 20k miles on it.

Bike was very clean, seller seemed ok but when I asked him where he had it serviced last he said he couldn’t remember the name or number, seemed a bit odd, service book was also missing

So would anyone here buy a bike without documented service history?

Would depend on the deal- part history is more reassuring than having nothing.
I assume you’ve run a HPI check and it came up clean?

More worrying for me is ‘not being able to remember’- it could be an out and out lie (in which case avoid), or it could be genuine, which is worrying in itself.
I don’t think I want to buy a bike of someone who is THAT forgetful.

None of the bikes I’ve owned over the past 18 years had any service history. I’m more interested in making sure things like the frame and engine numbers tally with the V5 and carrying out a HPI check before I buy.

Service history isn’t a tattoo must but paperwork bills recites and a good memory would be a good decider for me
If he can’t remember anything about the services then did he remember if he had them or if it’s was his bike
I would walk away there plenty tidy SV,s out there

The seller did say he had it serviced last year around Feb’ but couldn’t remember where, it seemed like he’s lying about servicing it, he’s had it for a year and not serviced it, which in itself isn’t so bad but why lie about it?

And if he lied about that then I’m worried what else is he lying about?

Chassis number matched with V5 but couldn’t find the location of the engine number, checked right hand side of engine but was not there?

Anyway I think I’ll pass unless the seller lowers the price

I’d buy without, but it depends on the feel you get from the seller, and this doesnt seem the best. Most sellers seem to talk themselves into a Cul de Sac if you leave enough pregnant pauses whilst studying the machine and asking well placed questions.

I have a list of servicing written on my Haynes manual with dates and ODO personally.

as been said depends on cost.

You can get all mot details from day 1 though, will at least verify mileage etc.

Now I’d probably have trouble remembering roughly when I’d service my bike but not where I’d had it done, that sounds odd to me, I would buy a bike with no service history as long as the price refelcted that, I don’t think I’d buy this bike though as something doesn’t sound right!

The engine number is easy to find its on a nice piece of metal at the bottom of the engine, you can’t miss it.

Sv’s are pretty good when it comes to doing self service, make sure she runs and all gear changes are ok, check the oil and all electrical switches.

If the price is right and all the above is in order i think its worth it.

Would I buy a vehicle with no Service History? YES

Service History means very little, especially when the vehicle is over 5 years old. I knew a chap who did about 3,000 miles a year and he’d have an oil & filter change every year. Everything else would wait until it became an MOT advisory or broke. As for the service history he had a stamp in the service book every year that never really gave the full picture.

Would I buy a vehicle from someone who couldn’t give a straight answer to a straight question? NO

I can tell you when, where, who, dates and mileage of every job done on my vehicles :wink:

I generally agree, I would’t mind buying a bike without service history, in fact my very first bike only had the mot. It was just the way the seller said 'nope cant remember the name, place, or number, (I was slightly irritated by his remark), I mean who wouldn’t remember something about where they serviced it, I generally know when/where I service my current and past vehicles. Luckily all of the above post agree, so Im not the only one who remembers stuff like that

The mot history backs up the mileage, and incidentally its never failed one, which is good.

MOT’s only cover what the tester can see and feel

What you really want to know is what’s going on inside the engine :ermm:

Has it been regularly serviced or not, if the owner is evasive on these details WALK AWAY FAST

not wishing to put a downer on it

My Bike MOTer says its prtey hard for a motorbike to fail an mot unless the owner is really stupid

& who’s to say the MOT’s are legit

Go with your gut feeling and find another SV650 of a similar age, price and condition with the added bonus of a full or partial service history - which you should be able to do as there are plenty about.

I would only buy this bike if it ran/rode ok and was seriously cheap - and then only after I had established all the docs were in order and there was no finance on it.

If it was something rare and hard to get hold off then that’s a different story - but it’s an SV - there should be loads of bikes to choose from - the world is your ostrich.