Would the plonker on the Fireblade take one step forward....

Yeah glad to hear you are OK man, also saw it, turned away when I saw the rear wheel lock up, thought you had saved it, then saw debz put her hands on her head, and then the sparks…then I knew it was bad…

hope yer ankle gets healed up soon.

Man, it sounds awful for both you and the bike . . . a Fireblade too . . . I hope the ankle takes less than 6 weeks and that eBike are quick and generous.

wow, im glad you’re not seriously injured, get well soon Martin!

glad to see you smilin yesterday @ ace martin; 6 weeks noth’n… bones heal… just make sure you listen and do the exercises the physio gives you :slight_smile:

… at least you didn’t hit anything large like a car … bones heal eventually :cool:



it’s never nice hearing of stuff like this.

I’m glad you are relativly OK mate, hope you are up and out again soon.

was shocked when i heard about this, glad your ok though mate. I had to break the news to your boy lol you shoulda seen his reaction. lol

Hope you heal quickly x

Yeah, he’s not going to let me forget it!

And seeing some of the injuries that others have had (especially that picture!), makes me feel very lucky.

Thanks again to everyone, but I won’t say that again in case this begins to sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech! :slight_smile: …I love you all, especially my mother, my family and of course the director who was such a darrrlink…

sorry to hear about your off!

try speaking with a guy called Dean at ebike, he sorted out my claim in 10 days. for a total loss thats not bad by all accounts