Wot bike?

As the whole stabilised-bike concept looks like snowballing into reality fairly quickly (possibly using the German Koeltgen FBS kit), I have to decide wot bike I want.

Top of the list is the Trumpet S3 1050, haven’t read a negative about that yet. However, seat height is actually an issue, as it was pretty difficult to swing a leg over the SV650 at 805mm. The trike is around 760mm, the S3 is 815mm - that’s 2" more in old money and quite a difference.

Other contenders (remember, once all the adaptive mods are on, I’m not changing bikes like underwear so it will have to make me happy and go on making me happy for a while):

KTM RC8 £10,695 805mm
Buell 1125R £8,495 775mm
2008 VMax £10,700 760mm
Aprilia Tuono Factory £9,849 810mm
Ducati 1098S £14,000 820mm

Um, maybe not the Ducati lol… SV1000 Classic?

Anyone have any comments on that lot, or other suggestions?

Firstly, it was great to read your post about getting back on 2 wheels. A real plus to read good things happening to people. :slight_smile:

Now for the bike…

I love the Buell - always have loved them. How much time do you have for maintenance?! :smiley: Seriously though, check out www.ukbeg.com for Buell advice.

Cheers mate, good source of info. I was reading through the “1125r don’t sell” thread (should be some bargains around soon if true) and someone mentioned the Benelli TnT. Oh man. That looks so sick, I want. I always wanted a Sei 750 in my dreams 30 years ago, this is the equivalent today. Seat height 780mm, about 1/4" more than the 1125R. The TnT is motorcycle porn, tho.Oh wow, just found the Moto Morini Corsaro Veloce… 830mm :w00t: damn, that’s not fair, it looks nice though

Are you planning on keeping your trike as well ? as that takes your chair with it how will you carry that on a solo ?

the TnT is a really nice looking bike though :slight_smile:

Yeah, the trike’s a keeper, better for the long haul, a bit of luggage and a pillion. After what I’ve spent on it anyway… hehe.New cut-down 'chair required with a folding backrest, and a NABD bod has a really minimalist bracket system for carrying. Doable. The South African guy did something similar with an SV1000.Ah, the TnT. Two things mitigate against it - the electrics are sh!te (standard battery is awful, alternator not great) and the exhaust exits under the seat (same with Corsa Veloce). I’m going to speak to the Germans today about their Feetless Bike System stabilisers which run on air, compressors go on the back somewhere and are quite bulky so under the tail would be necessary. Mind you, they throw an air shifter in as well, seeing as the air is there. Anyway, a clean tail unit looks like a prerequisite. The TnT is stunning but there might be a fair bit of munging needed to make it work.I need to see these bikes in the flesh, really. Be easy to get seduced, I think, and make a rash decision either way, so I have to hold my nerve lol.



If you’re ever down at BM mate, you’re welcome to try out the seat height on my Speed Triple. :slight_smile:

Actually - they are lowering kits that take the seat height down to 785mm.


Ta, that looks nice kit, definitely puts the ST1050 top of the list again.

Ratty, SV Thou is also on my radar, 810mm.

I’ve just been reading about the MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR. Lovely, even though it’s an IL4. £13k :w00t: I mean, you wouldn’t sleep at nights. Come to that, where would you park it in the day without worrying? It would have to be brought into the office for safe keeping.

MTT Y2K :smiley:

Would go with the tuono mate, a rich mans SV thou :slight_smile:

Although that speed trip is pretty funky… But if you are every going to track them then the factory tuono will be a barrel of laffs…

Great to hear the modded bike project is coming together so fast 7wheel!
I reckon the Tuono and the Trumpet are the most likely contenders. I’ve ridden the Speed Triple and the motor and handling are sweet.

Another bike that might appear on your radar (and which is certainly on mine when I put the SVthou out to pasture) is the Yam FZ1 (faired or naked).

Price: £7115 (extra 300 quid for ABS).
Seat height: 815mm
Top speed: 159.3 mph.

The can sits alongside the swingarm leaving the underseat area free for all the technical gubbins - but more importantly - and to quote Septembers bike magazine:

The Yamaha FZ1 is a furious ball of compact anger :smiley: Hellishly fast :smiley: . In a straight line anyway. Top end power rush is addictive and breathtaking. Sounds amazing for a standard exhaust system. (apparently they have also sorted out the fuelling now).

Hope this adds constructively to the mix. :wink:

Thanks Elad and Sid, both of those must be candidates.I dropped round to North City Trumpet this afternoon to view their demonstrator 2008 ST1050 and had a long chat with a chap called Ken. He’s very keen to supply the bike for this project; one issue was the high mount silencers prolly getting in the way, the solution for which would be an Arrow exhaust system… with a consequent increase in bhp. Anyway, we’ve talked pricing and stuff. Had to keep a very tight grip on my wallet, these Speed Triples look the business lol.

I’m not yet decided*. But the Trumpet has an awful lot going for it.* a day later, I know why. The Moto Morini Corsaro Veloce. If it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have a problem. 66mm stroke like the V-Max as well, apropos of nothing. Looks amazing, like-a-Ducati-but-not sort of thing. And a seat height in outer space, bu99er :frowning:

Yikes!! Just spoken to the Chermans about their stabiliser system… 12000 to 15000 Euros, or £9600 to £12000 in today’s feet and inches. Feck. I thought the trike was tad expensive at £18k… this might go to £20k+ by the time it’s done :frowning:

Looks like the piggy-bank will be well and truly burst if I go for this.

Wow - that is a lot of wedge! but you know it is gonna be worth it :slight_smile: Every machine you look at in the store might be the best one, I would play off a few manufacturers off against each other tell them about the good PR, etc and you could get a substantial discount…

Dont worry about the seat height im 5’4" and I ride a veloce no problem pop in to my workshop (see web site) if you want to sit on one

Black RC8 (BLACKS NEW 09 COLOUR):):):slight_smile:

Crikey that is expensive, but I presume you can fit it to any bike in the fuutre and it is a forever purchase so over the next 6 or so bikes it will only cost about 1.5 and 2k per bike…not that bad really if it gives you a bit more freedom…

Now that they’re over the initial tech problems I know someone who raves about the RC8…


My opinion in that group of bikes would be the RC8 £7995 will buy you an x demo bike and every review i have read on it stated it is the dogs bo…xs of a road and track bike!

Not someone with a name beginning with M is it? :smiley:

I stopped outside Red Dog in Edenbridge earlier, had a sticky beak through the window. They have the Benelli CafeRacer 1130, looks the nuts but they have a plasticine big end by all accounts. Some nice bikes in there though… the MV Brutale looks tiny .

Hey tecmoto, I’ll take you up on that - I’m gagging to see a Veloce in the flesh m8.

Meanwhile the Germans are being useless, no CD of pics yet, I’ve got to poke them with a pointy stick and make them move a bit sharper.