Worst jobs when you're not working

Supposedly it lawyer/solicitor, doctor and IT staff.

I go for a fag at work - "ah just them man I was looking for - my PC at home).

Go to lunch - "ah I was coming to see you - my PC at home).

Walking down the corridor "ah I needed to come and see you - my PC at home).

Do you get the same at work or at away from work?

Yup, but it’s about the latest half thought through idea they have for changing/extending/re modelling their house with me.

The firm charges me out to clients at the better part of £100 / hour (no I don’t get anything like that, dammit) but I’m expected to give free advice on their latest “plan” for their grotty terrace house in Shitsville.

Funny, but when I want a structural engineer (say) to give me advice I expect to pay for it and do.

Thankfully I work for a software firm, so don’t get people asking me about their home machines.

They do, however, come to me with any mechanical queries… gonna start hiring myself out for part-time spannering, methinks :slight_smile:

All the time, I just tot up the beer and bacon sarnie vouchers for this kind of work. People soon stop asking you stupid questions.

All the time - women just flock to me and say…

“Ahhhh, just the man I was looking for”:P:D:)

I would say you should have bought a MAC:D

I get that aswell, its not too often and they usually sort me out with some freebies :slight_smile:

yer I get that all the time here, funny another just last week I had to rebuild one of their laptops.

But I’m not like you lot I charge them for my services, or if they are a good looking female, a service for a service…

Neighbour re did the rendering on my garage in exchange for me setting up his home network.

Used to be in IT and I know the feeling :smiley:

“Ah, just the man…”

And you just know it’s because they have no anti-malware software or virus guard.

“Can you design me a letterhead? It’s not a big job. Won’t take long.”
“Can you do a logo for me? It’s not a big job. Won’t take long.”
“Can you write me a bit of copy for my website? It’s not a big job. Won’t take long.”
“Can you make this photo look nice? I want to get rid of the tree growing out of my head. It’s not a big job. Won’t take long.”

Gah! These things take time. If you’re willing to pay me the standard £200 a day, sure. If you want me to spend my free time doing it for free, no way.

And don’t take pictures with trees behind people’s heads. :smiley:

Oh yes, get it all the time.

My personal favourite is the phone call where they dont ask if you are in the middle of anything just launch straight in “my laptop has an error, whats wrong, the error code is 843579487598473598273458972498579284759827458729579847589458” Whats should I do?

multiply that by 13245335423546734124335241 and give the pc the answer!