Worried to ride my bike......

A little worried lately about my 2005 CG honda 125cc.

Today my partner and I went riding together towards Streatham and while riding for about 10mins there was this weird sound which sounded like something was caught on my front wheel and spinning around. Then in the middle of the road when I was came out from a minor road on to a major my engine cut off and I had problems starting up. (Not a great place to stop when surrounded with larger vehicles like buses, vans).
Anyways when I came to a stop everything seemed fine on my bike and even my partner check it.

Then again on the way back about 3 times when I put it into 1st gear my engine would cut off then the same sound of something around my front wheel making the bike a little wobbly at times and hard to break and finally cut off when turning right.

Anyone have any clues as I am completely lost and a bit worried about riding it at the moment?