Working From Home

Does it count if you’re still in bed, in your dressing gown, with a cat curled up around your legs whilst you’re working?

The joys of wi-fi and remote access!

No it doesn’t!:stuck_out_tongue:

That is a pleasure. Sadly, I have to come in and work…

when i work from home i actually get more work* done

*work defined as searching the internet for crap to spam you lot :smiley:

I worked one whole year 3 days a week from home…I loved it to start with but after six months it started becoming so alienating I had to leave the job…Now, nearly 4 years after that I started to miss those “working from home” days badly! :smiley:

If your eyes are open and you’re thinking about earning/planning to earn/actually earning your dough, that’s working :slight_smile:

It doesnt matter where you are. I’m going back to bed till lunchtime, then out on my KTM. Sun’s coming out :stuck_out_tongue:

yes. Once you have remoted in you are at work. It’s the same as clocking in regardless on how you’re dressed or even if your eyes are still open :slight_smile:

Once had a full English breakfast with a Brief in a back street cafe near the law courts. Both the time taken to eat the breakfast and the cost of the breakfast turned up on his bill. (And his cab fare.)

So I’ll go with “If your awake and thinking about work, your working”.

Don’t think that counts though if you’re, say, a bricklayer.

i work from home, and love it.

i only ever work at my desk though, you need to be very motivated to be able to do it, and not get distracted by things around you (which i sometimes do)

i do sometimes miss the banter of working in an office with other people though

I can’t work from home! Dave works from home on Mondays and Fridays.

**I love working from home:D Though hopefully thats about to change…got a job interview on monday afternoon and i sooooo want the job:D

Good luck Sam;)

Thanks luvvie, still going to do my sewing on evenings and weekends :wink:

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

Ta luvvie…don’t worry if i get the job i’ll be screaming with delight lol;):smiley:

Good luck Samm! xx :smiley: