Work related - Am I being unreasonable?

Hi team. So asking for a friend obviously.

I (sorry my friend)received his mid year review and some of the documented feedback was wrong.
My friend advised that this was incorrect and should be removed or amended with further information.
My friend’s manager advised that he’d email the VP and advising.
My friend’s manager didn’t email the VP but had an informal chat with them.
My friend’s manager advised my friend that the VP was aware and there was, “no action required.”
My friend contacted the VP advising that the feedback was incorrect and should be removed or amended with further information.
The VP emailed my friend that it should really be a 3 way conversation and that he, “does not believe this requires follow up.”
My friend emailed the VP advising that the follow up is that the feedback is incorrect and should be removed or amended with further information.
The VP advised this would be raised with HR.
The VP escalated this to the HR director (no documentation).
Today is a good day.

My friend is just looking for a sense check or to hear if anyone else has gone through similar. The Director meeting is today.

What is in writing, must be revised in writing.
Picture the situation where all of the people presently involved have been replaced, and then all you have is the original document.

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Thanks Zombie. My friend got a fair hearing with HR so that’s something.

Yeah definitely not a good place to be, sounds like you have followed correct course of action, however I would get an informal opinion through relevant government helpline for employees which name escapes me.

Your friends best friend will be…

Thanks all.

I don’t know how it is in your friend’s place but in ours we use workday, and I’m pretty sure there is a box for you to record your summary. And my manager would always send it back to me for me to review before we hit submit

I agree that writing stays, verbal is forgotten so good to get it recorded. Especially as this will be basis for year.end reviews.

What is unclear from your friend’s situation is how materially incorrect the feedback is and whether it is subjectively or objectively wrong. As in, is the feedback so wrong that it could be the start of a Personal Improvement Plan or just a matter of goodish Vs very good performance.

I’ve been in a situation where no matter what I did,the feedback was always turned around against me(first in my mid year reviews and then in year end and objective setting)) as the company wanted to move people out without paying redundancies. Funnily enough once enough people had left, it stopped but by that point I had decided to leave and found somewhere else. So if there is something underhand happening, it may be your friend’s signal to move elsewhere.

The reason I mention this above example is simply cause escalating it had the opposite effect. In my case HR backed the senior director and just made things worse.

Thanks Serrisan.

So it was implied that his goals were only met due to being reminded (subtle criticism on time management - he has an audit trail to prove otherwise) and it was noted that he consciously circumvented a procedure on two occasions (he has evidence to show the contirary).

I don’t think it was foul play initially. I think the inexperienced manager was trying to show that they were adding value.

The escalaton process was very bad though.

Ok so seems quite clear, I don’t see anything unreasonable in setting the record straight.

You’d think so right? But there was a lot of inertia when they became aware they’d have to do something.

If you’re referring to HR, that’s been my typical experience when I’ve needed help.

I often found that help was to the more senior person because they assume that’s how they protect the company…