Work "ethics" ...A question

Would just like some comments:My son started work over a year ago for a insurance co…he left his other place of work, still in insurance, cos he wanted to expand his knowledge and this company covered a more varied area than his last…When he started there it was obvious it was a very family run business with step daughter as manager, brother in law as supervisor and dad as MD, plus some others One of the managers, a woman, took a distinct hatred to him and he just ignored it and got on with his 3 mth probation period, which he passed and as i said been there over a year…

Hes had to learn his job as he had no training, and hes worked all the hours he was asked etc etc…Apparently the dept he is in has come under the cosh and they were told they were not coming up with the goods so to speak, so they were all told they would have to take a test…my son said “fair enough” and was confident he would be ok.

Turns out the questions were nothing like anything hes had to deal with, and none that hed had any training for…he didnt get a high score, but his supervisor got less than him and so did some others…oh and the one that got the most, a about 88% was the brother in law whos only there part time !!! (now theres a surprise…not!) …

The MD said that hes not confident that my son could answer the customers questions etc if he dont know what hes doing…!! My son said, "how can i answer the sort of questions you gave us on the test when no 1 they are not what the customers ask anyway and no 2 ive never had training on as my supervisor dont know them either !! They said “it doesnt matter, you shouldve known” !! (how can someone learn something, if their “supervisors” dont know either?).

Then they said he was one of the highest paid people and what does he do all day…(his supervisor is higher paid than him…err so what?).

The entire office FAILED this test…and yet my son was the ONLY one to get a written warning…and was told he has to take the test again and if he fails, hes gone from the company !!! Err…excuse me…what about all the others?

Do you think this is unfair treatment and they are trying to get rid of him but in one of the most shittiest ways? He has next week off, it was booked before this test shite…yet he cant even get any books (that he should have had training on from day one) to help him get better marks on this retest !!! So its like they are saying, “we know you are going to fail again anyway”…

Why are none of the others, who got less than him as well not being told they too could be out the door if they fail the retest…and why are they not pulling in the supervisor and manager for not doing THEIR jobs …after all they are the ones supposed to know what the damn company expect not the employees, until trained !!! FFS …

My son has just moved into a new flat along with his mates, hes got a car he has to pay for and a loan he took out…

I told him to get out and about while off work next week, get to some interviews sort himself out another job quick, go back to this poxy hole of a job, take the damn test, but hopefully have another job lined up…then when they call him back in the office to smugly tell him hes no longer required, to tell THEM he is happy to take them up on their offer of leaving, thankyou very much…(you bunch of w**krs)…

This all stems from the woman manager, step daughter whatever of the MD, who prob got the asshole cos my son thinks she looks like the side of a bus, with the personality of a peanut, and wouldnt suck up to her like the other sad phukers who have that brown stain on their noses !!

So…i now have one upset son who doesnt know if hes coming or going…and is no doubt going to go back to work tomorrow to sit there with a bunch of ****s !!

Does he have a case? Why was he the only one singled out with a written warning and he didnt get the lowest score either?

Sounds like he’s being given the shi*ty end of the stick :angry: - a link I have had saved in my favourites for a while and never had to use thankfully - but might be worth a read through and apply your scenario to it - see what you come up with

Thanks ive sent him the link…it looks informative.And your right, hes being given the sh*t stick for real !!

sounds like grounds for constructive dismissal if he walks and unfair dismissal if they can him.

He should start a daily log and write down everything that happens from now. Every time any supervisor or manager speaks to him or asks him to do anything. It’s all evidence if the company does anything.

All sounds very inpleasant and from a non legal position, would have thought he wants to move on asap…so interviews sounds good advice.

From a legal point of view, would seem there is a possibility of constructive dismissal and/or unfair dismissal - am no expert though - best advice would be to get some advice!

Is he in a union? If not, the CAB are quite good - I took an employer (FTSE company) through Acas and eventually for unfair dismissal a few years back and won (they settled the day before the tribunal)

Also, tell him to write down a record of all these conversations, including dates…these may well present a very compelling picture to a tribunal.

Finally, it sounds as if they want him to move on…maybe he could suggest they make him an offer of a suitable figure (dressed up as a redundancy payoff) that would make everyone happy?